Country Star Jason Aldean — Hot and Heavy With ‘A.I.’ Chick … Who’s NOT His Wife

EXCLUSIVE 0928-jason-aldean-brittany-kerr-pda
Country music superstar Jason Aldean was caught getting up close and personal with a former “A.I” contestant … right in the open at a very public bar on the Sunset Strip. There”s just one problem … he”s married to another woman. 

our sources obtained photos of Jason and Season 11 “A.I” contender Brittany Kerr taken on the crowded bar patio area at The Den on Wednesday night — frequented by locals and tourists always on the hunt for celebrities.

In the photos Aldean and Kerr get very flirty … hugging, touching each other and at one point it appears Aldean goes in for a kiss.

Aldean — who performed this weekend in So Cal — eventually left the bar in a cab without Brittany.


Heres the rub, Aldean is married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, who he tied the knot with back in 2001 and they have 2 kids together.

We reached out to Aldean for comment several times but have not heard back. No comment from Kerr either.