Cory Monteith’s Mom — Klugman’s Son is Wrong … My Son Deserves This

Exclusive 0922_cory_monteith_getty
Cory Monteith“s mom thinks Jack Klugman“s son has it all wrong — because Cory could have been the next Jack Klugman had he lived.

Ann McGregor thinks Adam Klugman is being unfair, telling our sources her son is absolutely worthy of getting a special in memoriam honor at tonight”s Emmy Awards … even though Jack isn”t getting one.

Ann tells us she believes you cannot judge worthiness by a person”s age because her son was on a path of greatness — not only with his acting and singing abilities … but with the charitable he work he did.

Ann tells us, “If he had lived 30 more years he would have accomplished much more.”

Ann believes Adam Klugman is misdirected … and thinks its coming from a place of a son who loves and misses his father.

FYI — Ann isn”t going to the Emmys tonight and won”t even watch because she says it”s too painful.