Conrad Murray Trial: How Family Reacted to Michael Jackson"s Death

Dr. Conrad Murray
Jurors began the third week of Dr. Conrad Murray”s involuntary manslaughter trial listening to a recording of the cardiologist recall how Michael Jackson”s mother and three children wept at the hospital when they learned Jackson had died.

“Well, how is he” Katherine Jackson asked when Murray and an emergency room doctor brought her into a private room at UCLA Medical Center, according to the recording of an interview that Murray gave LAPD detectives. “He”s not dead, is he”

“And the doctor said, “Yes.” And she broke down… and wept. We stayed there, held her hand,” Murray said in the recording.

Murray said he then informed Jackson”s three children of their father”s death, and they burst into tears.

He says Jackson”s daughter Paris protested that “she will live alone without her dad. She didn”t want to be an orphan.”

Murray quoted Paris, who asked him: “Dr. Murray, you said you save a lot of patients. You save people with heart attacks, and you couldn”t save my dad”

“I tried my best,” Murray told her.

Prosecutors allege that Murray gave the pop singer a potentially lethal amount of the toxic anesthetic propofol in Jackson”s bedroom on June 25, 2009. Then, the prosecutors say, he left the room for so long that, by the time he returned, Jackson was dead too long to be revived.

On the recording, Murray says he administered a relatively small 25 mg does of propofol and left the room for only two minutes to go to the bathroom.