Conrad Murray prosecutors seek $100 million for Michael Jackson s children

Conrad Murray prosecutors seek $100 million for Michael



Documents filed by the District Attorney say Prince Michael, 14, 13-year-old Prince Michael II – aka Blanket – should be paid restitution for funeral expenses and lost profits.

As evidence prosecutor David Waldren cites a letter from the Jackson estate which states Michael would have made $100 million from the This Is It tour alone.

The DA says that Dr Murray has shown no remorse for the King of Pop”s death.

They are seeking the full four year sentence because the doctor was “risking Mr jackson”s life every night” with his use of the powerful anaesthetic propofol.

Even if the doctor receives the full four years, it is possible he will serve much less because of a new California state law, passed to combat overcrowding.

Low-risk prison inmates are sent to county jails, where inmates are being released early, and the doctor may also be eligible for house arrest.

Sentencing will take place on Tuesday.

Michael died on June 25 from a fatal dose of propofol.
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