Conrad Murray — Leave Me Out of Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Suit … Or Face Destruction

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Dr. Conrad Murray believes his testimony in Michael Jackson“s wrongful death lawsuit would lead to catastrophic consequences for one side — and he”s not saying which — so it”s best to leave him the hell alone.

Murray made the veiled threat last night in a bizarre, rambling voice mail he left on a friend”s machine — obtained by our sources — and you have to hear it to believe it.

The doc who”s serving time for manslaughter says, “If I am compelled to speak [in court] I can cause one party or the other to experience the impact of an immediate seismic shock” resulting in “a total and complete debacle” for both sides.

Murray — who was subpoenaed to testify in Katherine Jackson”s $40 billion lawsuit against AEG — has pled the 5th because he doesn”t want to incriminate himself in any upcoming legal proceedings stemming from his appeal to overturn his manslaughter conviction.

Which begs the question … what”s he NOT saying You gotta listen to this thing.