Conrad Murray — FBI Investigates Death Threats

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The FBI is investigating death threats made in connection with Conrad Murray“s release from jail … and it appears they”re being made by a group of Michael Jackson fanatics.

Law enforcement sources tell us … the threats have been targeted at Murray”s lawyer, Valerie Wass.  Here are some of them:

— “One blow to the head is all you need.”
— “If you think MJ fans are insignificant … you are dead wrong, DEAD wrong”
— “Better get that hair brushed and be ready because MJ fans will be everywhere setting yours and Murray”s lies straight.”

As for why the fans are targeting Wass, there are 2 reasons.  First, because they don”t know how to reach Murray.  The second reason is based on video from the night of Murray”s release, when Wass confronted a screaming Jackson fan who claimed Murray was a murderer.  Wass fired back, “If you were not so ignorant, you would know he was not convicted of murder!”  And she continued to rant.

102813_conrad_murray_lawyer_launch_v2Wass also said after Murray”s release, “There”s a small group of these Jackson fanatics.  They”re annoying, but insignificant.”

We”re told Wass called the FBI and was told they would investigate.