‘Community’ Creator Dan Harmon — Chevy Chase Was DRUNK During Voice Mail Rant

our sources has obtained an audio recording of “Community” creator Dan Harmon discussing the Chevy Chase voice mail moments before playing the tape for an audience at a recent comedy event … in which Harmon calls Chase an “A-hole” who was probably DRUNK when he made the call.

Harmon played the tape at an event called “Harmontown” — a monthly comedy event he hosts at an L.A. comedy club.

Sources tell us … while on stage, Harmon vented about Chevy”s alleged tantrum during the taping of the season finale of Community … explaining, “I had written a very simple scene that Chevy couldn”t possibly f**k up.”

We”re told Chase objected to the scene … but Harmon says he stuck to his guns because he had an emotional attachment to the material.

Chevy walked off the set … but according to Harmon, Chase eventually sent Dan a text message in an effort to smooth things over.

Harmon didn”t accept the apology … telling the Harmontown crowd, “I said f**k you … you breached your contract, you”re an a**hole.”

Harmon continued, “And then what happened a day later That night … after what I”m guessing is two bottles of Beaujolais Ladies and gentleman … Chevy Chase.” Harmon then played the entire voice mail for the crowd.

Among the new soundbites … Chase tells Harmon, “If you were here now, I”d f**king kick your teeth out.” He adds, “You”re not funny … you”re OK.”

Still no word on whether Chevy will return to “Community” next season.