Collin Farrell Loses his Shirt After Yoga

Collin Farrell Loses his Shirt After Yoga

Getting his week off to a healthy start, Colin Farrell was in attendance at a yoga class on Monday (June 3) in Los Angeles.

Sweaty after his workout, the Total Recall hunk went sans shirt as he chatted with a classmate on the way back to his vehicle.

Recently, the former Hollywood bad boy spoke with reporters about his role as the voice of the character Ronin in the animated flick Epic.

On the departure from his usual roles, Colin said I just want to mix it up. Maybe I”m getting older, softening up, but really I just want to mix it up with work. And you go off really what sort of opportunities are presented to you.

He continued, I think, you know unless you go and write something and make something yourself. But, if you”re an actor who”s being hired you read whatever comes across your path and sometimes you notice the majority of the stuff might be this way tonally. And maybe that means you should shift a bit.