Colin Kaepernick — I’M NO AARON RODGERS … Makes Bet, Promises to Keep It

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SF 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick just made a BET with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson — whoever loses when they face off this weekend has to shave an eyebrow.

The wager was captured on video in a commercial for EA Sports — they even shook hands — and Colin warned Wilson, “Hope you don”t like your eyebrow.”

It”ll be interesting to see if the losing QB actually lives up to the bet … unlike Green Bay Packers QB/chicken enthusiast Aaron Rodgers … who still hasn”t paid up after losing a bet to Boyz II Men last season.

Just a warning to Colin and Russell — don”t let your mouths write checks your eyebrows can”t cash … you”ll never live it down.

Right Aaron