Clint Eastwood makes Mitt Romney"s day

Clint Eastwood makes Mitt Romney
Coming on stage to the theme music from his classic western, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Clint Eastwood brought his star power and trademark laconic wit to the Republican National Convention.

He jetted in to endorse the party”s presidential nominee Mitt Romney – to mixed reviews. 

Convention goers were enthralled, cheering throughout especially after the two-time Oscar-winner ended his speech with the slogan of his Dirty Harry character: “make my day”. 

But the ad-libbed cameo which included a section in which he addressed remarks to an empty chair supposed to represent President Barack Obama caused bafflement and hilarity in other quarters.

The Twitter account @InvisibleObama gathering 30,000 followers in two hours.

Meanwhile, internet users began posting pictures of themselves seemingly in conversation with empty chairs.

The current occupant of the Oval Office got in on the fun, posting a picture of himself at work with the warning: “This seat”s taken”.

Another internet user tweeted: “Clint Eastwood on the phone with Obama now: “It all went according to plan, Sir.”

Celebrities also commented, with Piers Morgan posting: “One of the craziest things I ever watched.” 

Among remarks that raised eyebrows was Clint”s joke that it was never “a good idea for attorneys to be president”. It was aimed at the commander-in-chief, who is a lawyer. 

Tthe 82-year-old Dirty Harry legend appeared to have overlooked his candidate”s own law degree from Harvard.