Clint Eastwood — Bumbles Through Invisible Obama Schtick

Clint Eastwood brought down the partisan crowd at the RNC by stumbling through an 11-minute bit last night that was supposed to be painfully hysterical … but might have been just painful.

The legendary actor/director got on stage and addressed an empty stool next to him, saying … “I”ve got Mr. Obama sitting here. I just was gonna ask him a couple questions.”

During the schtick 82-year-old Clint seemed confused at times as he critiqued the President”s 4 years in office … and set up punchlines like, “What do you want me to tell Romney I can”t tell him to do that. He can”t do that to himself.”

President Obama responded to the invisible routine this morning by tweeting a pic of the back of his chair with the message, “This seat”s taken.”

No doubt, landing an icon like Eastwood to warm up the crowd for Mitt Romney was a coup for the GOP — but still, we gotta ask …