Claire Danes Shows Some Skin in the November 2013 Interview Magazine

Claire Danes Shows Some Skin in the November 2013 Interview Magazine

With the new season of “Homeland” underway, Claire Danes pitched in on promotions by covering the November 2013 issue of Interview magazine.

The 34-year-old posed topless in one of the gorgeous shots while opening up to interviewer Dustin Hoffman about topics including “Homeland,” her character”s bipolar diagnosis, and life as a working mom.

Highlights from Ms. Danes” interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Interview!

On her bipolar research via YouTube: “You can actually see them on their highs. But, again, there are so many different shades of it and each case is specific. I can have plenty of poetic license because there is no one blanket expression of it. I have a lot of compassion for people who wrestle with these kinds of conditions and disorders. I think there are certain virtues that it offersand certain insights and advantages even. But it can also be very dangerous, and it takes a tremendous amount of maintenance and upkeep and self-examination in order to stay engaged in life and healthy.”

On the hit show”s busy schedule: “It”s pretty regimented. We have a read-through of each episode, which I find really valuable. Usually, it”s at lunch, and it helps me get a sense of what the episode is in its totality because then it”s broken down so quickly and every actor kind of retreats into their respective storylines. So we have a read-through. As I was saying, there are directors who come back, but we usually have a different director for every episode, so sometimes I”m working with new people and some days are more stacked than others. It”s eight days an episode, and maybe half of those days will be 12- to 15-hour days.”

On the difference between her teen years and the ones on “My So-Called Life”: “Well, I was not at all in schoolI ran away from school. I had a really hard time in school. Angela Chase was having hard time, too, but she just didn”t have this out that I did-this acting career. She was also a kid of the suburbs, and I grew up in SoHo in the 1980s with these artist parents, so I think that she was probably in a slightly more conservative environment. But every teenager feels singularly wayward and misunderstood. I mean, that”s what it is to be a teenager.”

On a big surprise that motherhood brought: “That it”s physicalthat my missing my son is physical. It”s a new kind of pining. It”s seriousI need to be with him.”