Cindy Crawford: Timeless V Magazine Beauty

Cindy Crawford: Timeless V Magazine Beauty

Continuing to prove that her beauty is absolutely timeless, Cindy Crawford scored a feature in the latest issue of V magazine.

While donning the men”s collection from Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren for the Sebastian Faena-shot spread, the 47-year-old model opened up about her children going into fashion industry and revealed how learning to make decisions for herself saved her career.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Crawford”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit V magazine!

On her daughter posing for Versace Kids:
“The opportunity felt organic. I worked for Versace a lot in my career and I knew Mert and Marcus were the photographers and Donatella would bet here. That”s a dream team. So i figured if she ever wanted to do it this would be a good experience, and it was. We had to drive three hours to the shoot and she had to miss a friend”s birthday party, and then we had to wait in the trailer for three more hours because they shot Gisele first. At the end, she thought “This is boring,” and I said, “This is work.” It was a good lesson. If she wants to do it, I”m a good guide. I can help her make good decisions, but now I think she”d rather be an actress.”

On her use of the word “supermodel”:
“In a tongue-in-cheek way, maybe [I have]. At first I found it silly. Do we change into capes and tights in phone booths But with anything, the more you hear it, the more it seeps into your language. What it means to me is that before us models were more two-dimensional – mostly nameless faces on magazine covers. We were the tipping point. Some girls before us, like Twiggy and Lauren Hutton, were making the shift. But what was unique about our group was that there were five of us and we were all very different but looked good together. Is it five or seven I never know who to include. Depends on who you ask, I guess. It was a moment when it felt fresh and different and new.”

On her past agents:
“In the beginning it was more like, why not I”ll try MTV, that sounds cool. But my agents were telling me not to do it. They said I could make more money doing other jobs. But they were wrong, and “House of Style” opened a lot of doors. When I did Playboy, it was a big deal because I was also in Vogue. I trusted Herb Ritts, which is why I did it. So those things worked out in my favor, and it gave me the confidence to go and do other projects – but not everything worked out! I did a movie that was successful for me personally, but not successful in many other ways. Choosing to do my exercise video was the beginning of making deliberate choices to do my own projects that were authentic to me, and that led to my skin care line. That was a really hard decision, because I had been with Revlon for a long time. But it was time for me to do my own thing, and now it feels like I have a real business. I love that.”

On her young modeling days:
“I”m a better model at 47 than I was when I was 22, although I wish I still had the body I had at 22! Ah, youth is wasted on the young.”