Chumlee to Girlfriend — HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here’s Some New Boobs

Exclusive 0327_chum_lee_girlfriend
Pawn Stars” pays BANK … just ask Chumlee … who dropped thousands of dollars on an expensive new pair of boobs for his girlfriend, our sources has learned.

Sources close to Chum tell us, the perky new breasts were a recent birthday gift for his gf Tanya — but that wasn”t all he got her.

We”re told Chumlee also rented out a penthouse suite for him and his lady at the D Casino hotel last weekend, paid for several lavish dinners at the hotel”s Andiamo steakhouse — including one attended by Tanya”s 11 girlfriends — and even arranged fancy limo rides through Vegas for her and her family.

And get this … after dinner Saturday night, Chum hit up the high-limit blackjack table … where the minimum was $500 per hand.

Chumlee tells us, “I wanted it to be the best birthday ever for her and was happy to be a part of a great party, celebration, and special gifts.”

Hehe … special gifts.