Chuck Liddell– I Threw Down $2.6 Million … To Live Like a Champ

New house belonging to Chuck Liddell
Legendary MMA fighter Chuck Liddell just laid down $2.6 Million of hard fought dough for a sick house in Cali … prepping to spend his retirement days like a champ.

The Hidden Hills estate — just north of Calabasas — is a 5-bdrm, 5-bath, 5,923 sq. ft bad-ass mansion mere miles from the likes of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber.

The cool crib comes complete with a huge pool, spa, maid’s quarters, library, vaulted ceilings and full on basketball court…so the iceman can practice his dunking skills alllll day long.

Icing on the cake…the community is gate access only for tight security … but we’re sure the UFC champ could take down a few robbers if he had to.

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