Chubby Checker — ‘I Don’t Want People to Call Me a Penis’

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Chubby Checker is throbbing with anger … telling our sources he”s suing the people behind a “Chubby Checker” schlong measurement app because, “I don”t want people to go around calling me a penis.”

Chubby (the singer) just called in to “our sources Live” to explain why he declared legal war on Hewlett-Packard and Palm for releasing the app —  telling us, “They”re selling a penis package named Chubby Checker … I”m upset about that.”

As we previously reported, Chubby wants a judge to force the companies to shut down the app ASAP, claiming he owns the “Chubby Checker” trademark.

A rep for HP released a statement saying, “The application was removed in September 2012 and is no longer on any Palm or HP hosted website.”