Christina Ricci in The Edit: I Definitely Want A Family

Christina Ricci in The Edit: I Definitely Want A Family

With her animated film “The Smurfs 2” nearing its anticipated premiere, Christina Ricci pitched in on promotions by covering the latest issue of Net-A-Porter”s The Edit.

While donning a gorgeous light pink Alexander McQueen dress for the Victor Demarchelier-shot front page, the “Sleepy Hollow” beauty discusses her upcoming wedding plans and even reveals her thoughts on having a family.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Ricci”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit The Edit.

On her upcoming wedding :
“My mother wore a baby-blue Betsy Johnson for her wedding. At first, I thought it would be sweet to be a bride in blue, but then I thought, no. It”s the one time, God willing, that I”ll wear a wedding, so I”m wearing white. I just want everyone to have a nice time and to feel happy. I could have easily gone the other way, where I was controlling every detail, but it”s so unpleasant to be like that. If the flowers aren”t exactly the right shade, then so be it.”

On her future with children:
“I definitely want to have a family. But it seems really impossible to plan that kind of thing. So for me, when it happens, it happens.”

On her sense of style:
“The minute the sun comes out, I”m wearing little dresses. I always loved “60s clothing, ladylike stuff. Seeing all my mother”s tear sheets must have had an impact on me. I do have this mentality of trying to dress older. I find people treat me more seriously if I”m well-dressed and put together.”