Christina Aguilera Talks Justin Bieber

Christina Aguilera Talks Justin Bieber

Shes had her fair share of career drama, so its no surprise that Christina Aguilera has a soft spot for Justin Bieber now that hes taken a beating in the media.

The Genie in a Bottle babe recently told press, You live life and its hard to grow up in front of a camera.

You learn as you get older to take moments for yourself, step away from the camera, re-inspire yourself as an artist, rejuvenate and refresh.

And when it comes to the Never Say Never singer, Christina has wise words- I would tell Bieber, dont let anything morph you or push you around or have you be something youre not. Ive always been really honest and true to my own roots and been really grounded, not letting myself stray too much.

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