Christian Rock Group to Kanye West — If God Is On Your Album … PROVE IT

Exclusive 0621-stryper
Kanye West
“s new album may claim to feature God — but if He is really on “Yeezus,” then his fans deserve to know just how … this according to the lead singer of “80s Christian glam metal band Stryper.

The band”s front man Michael Sweet tells our sources … he gets it if Kanye”s boast that the Big Guy is featured on the track “I Am a God” is figurative — “When you believe in God, you want Him to be a part of everything you do, guiding you through the entire process. So, I understand what is meant.”

But Sweet says if Kanye means it literally — and let”s face it, he probably does — he wants details, like …”I”ve always wondered – is God a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist or a singer I”m guessing The Master of all …”

We called God for comment. Sounded kinda like Kanye.