Christian Bale Fronts DETAILS December 2013

Christian Bale Fronts DETAILS December 2013

With his upcoming film Out of the Furnace slated to hit theaters on December 6th, Christian Bale pitched in on promotions by covering the December 2013 issue of DETAILS magazine.

During his sit down with the publication, the 39-year-old actor chatted about the harsh criticism Ben Affleck received for taking on the Batman role and shares details about his career.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Bales interview below. For more, be sure to visit DETAILS!

On looking for the perfect part:
“It”s all over the map for me, to be honest. I”d say inconsistency is something I enjoy. But sometimes it”s the character, sometimes it”s the director, sometimes it”s the script, and sometimesholy s***it”s all three! And sometimes you just want or need to work, you know Looking back over the films I”ve made, it”s been every reason under the sun for doing them.”

On taking care of the business portion of Hollywood:
I”m a f**king awful businessman. I got no idea how to sell a film. I don”t know why people want to see certain films. But it”s a strange brew, you know, because I don”t feel like an artist or anythingthere”s way too much business involved in this whole thing for that. But equally there”s way too much creativity for this to be like any normal business.”

On reacting to Ben Afflecks Batman internet critics:
“Somebody pointed it out to me. Look, there”s no middle ground on the Internet. It”s just extreme feelings. They love you or abhor you. Ben knows that, and I doubt if he spent one minute worrying about it.”