Chris Pine Talks Fame & Spoilers in C California Style Spring 2013

Chris Pine Talks Fame & Spoilers in C California Style Spring 2013

With his anticipated flick “Star Trek: Into Darkness” set to hit theaters on May 17th, Chris Pine continues promotional efforts by covering the Spring 2013 issue of C California Style.

While suiting up in designer duds from Prada and Barneys for the Sam Jones-shot front page, the 32-year-old actor chatted about everything from avoiding attention to dropping movie spoilers.

“It helps,” the “Rise of the Guardians” star explained when discussing his famous status. “I don”t really seek anything out. Hopefully, I put the vibe out of “not looking for it.””

“I”m very clear about my relationship to “it” and I don”t like “it,”” he continued. “I find “it” very invasive, though I”m trying to welcome “it” more in an effort to be more zen and not-angsty. But on the totem pole of people giving a s**t about me, I”m pretty much in the middle, which is great.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Pine revealed his top priority as a child. “In my family, that”s what you do. There was no question you weren”t going to college.”

In regards to avoiding spilling movie spoilers, Chris said, “The responsibility you have is to the genre, but that”s a whole different challenge. I have such Christian guilt syndrome that I”d have to email [director] J.J. [Abrams] right away and confess.”