Chris Evans: "Captain America 2" Hottie

Chris Evans:

Getting back to work on his new flick, Chris Evans hit the set of Captain America 2 in Los Angeles this afternoon (July 2).

The hunky 32-year-old actor donned jeans and a plain tee as he shot scenes for the second installment of the successful superhero film.

In regards to playing the old-time hero, Chris told W magazine that he actually had other characters on his mind before being cast in the movie.

I was obsessed with the Iceman, Evans told the mag. Im attracted to that sociopathic stuffthe idea of no handcuffs on your personality. A thousand times a day I want to stand on my chair, kick over my water glass, and say whats on my mind. But I dont. Pronge did; he was the crazy mayor of his own island.

Although it wasnt in his far-off dreams, The Avengers star admitted, If I hadnt done the movie, Id be kicking myself.