Chris Dorner $1 Million Reward — Big Loophole

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Several private citizens were instrumental in cornering cop killer Christopher Dorner … but there may be a gigantic loophole preventing any of them from collecting the loot.

There are 3 rewards.  The Mayor of L.A. announced a $1 million reward — funded by private groups — for information leading to the “capture and conviction” of Dorner.  Big problem — technically speaking, Dorner must be both captured AND convicted to trigger the reward.

The L.A. City Council offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to “the identification, apprehension, and conviction” of Dorner.  Again … no conviction.   City Council sources tell us there”s already a disagreement between the Legislative Analyst and the City Attorney over how to interpret the reward language.

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Translation … technically speaking, no one may be entitled to the reward.  It”s unclear if the Mayor, the City Council and the Board of Supervisors will bend the rules.