Chris Brown’s Panty-Dropping Fan — My Thong Was NOT Used

Exclusive 0624-chris-brown-panty-owner-tmz
We now know why Chris Brown kept the silky panties some chick handed him​ while performing on stage Saturday — the chick is SUPER HOT, and her panties came unused … but sweaty.

our sources has learned the undies tosser is 21-year-old Carol Quiroz — and she tells us she”s such a HUGE CB fan … she had to make her presence known at the Anaheim show Saturday night.

Carol says her plan was simple …  “I wrote my name, number and Instagram on the thong in permanent marker. I got his attention and handed it to him.”

Groupie 101.

Carol also cleared up the most important detail — the panties were NOT used, but she admits she was holding on to them in her bra. “I definitely had boob sweat on the panties.”

For the record … Carol says Chris hasn”t contacted her. Yet.