Chris Brown — U.S. Gov’t Could Crack Assault Caper

Exclusive 1101-chris-brown-treasury-department-dc-tmz
Washington D.C. police are on the hunt for security video that could prove to be the smoking gun in the Chris Brown assault case … and the people who make your money may hold the key.

We”ve learned … Metro Police have contacted businesses near the spot where Brown allegedly punched a guy in the face … to see if security cams caught the fight on tape.  But so far they”ve come up goose eggs.

Sources tell us … the W Hotel — where the fight occurred — has cameras … but they were not pointed in the direction of the melee. And we”re told cops also struck out at a neighboring restaurant.

But … our sources tells us the U.S. Dept. of Treasury — located directly across the street from the hotel — has numerous cameras attached to the building that could have captured the scene. Any video from those cameras would be in the hands of the Secret Service … which handles security.

We talked to officials at the SS … who are tight-lipped about their security measures … neither confirming nor denying there is video … or even if they would share it with local police in a misdemeanor case.