Chris Brown — N-Bombs & Gang Threats in Showdown with Heckler

Exclusive Video 021413_chris_brown_launch_v2
Chris Brown was the victim, for a change, in an aggressive face-off with a heckler who got dangerously close to Chris” car, then yelled to CB … “Is that motherfu**er bulletproof!”

The scary incident went down outside L.A. nightclub “Playhouse” — Chris was making a quick exit in his Lamborghini when the man ran up to the car and started yelling, “I ain”t never seen a ni**er jump in a car that fast, ni**er.”

The man — who”s African-American — continued a non-stop verbal assault on Chris … saying, “Yo, scary-ass Chris is that motherfucker bulletproof” That”s when the tension really amps up because Chris appears to yell back at the heckler … asking if he”s bulletproof.

The man replied, “I”m a crip ni**er, hell yeah, I”m bulletproof!”

Before Chris drives away, he rolls down the window of his car … and you can hear someone (sounds like Chris) warn the heckler, “Don”t get f**ked up out here, my n**ga.”

Watch the clip … it”s hard to tell if the heckler is really drunk, really angry … or both.

We gotta give props to Chris — who”s still facing a possible probation violation —  because he drove off without getting into it with the douchey heckler.