Chris Brown — My Lambo Just Got a NIKE PAINT JOB

Exclusive Details 0723_chris_brown_nike_inspired_lamborghini_launch

Chris Brown just did it … he painted his Lamborghini Aventador just like a Nike Air Foamposite Camo sneaker … just for the hell of it.

We spoke to the owner of JC Customz in Bellflower, CA — who tells us Chris rolled into the shop last month — along with the Nike shoe — and asked the guys if they could replicate the camo pattern on the car.

We”re told the work took 4 weeks to complete — all handpainted, no wrap — with the total cost running close to $15k.

But it was obvious Chris felt he got his money”s worth — “cause right after the job was complete, Chris posed for pics with his freshly painted toy.

Chris also grabbed a spray can and tagged some of his signature monster characters on the walls inside the shop — and the owner tells our sources he”s stoked about the new art.

It ain”t the first time Chris has applied an unusual custom paint job to a super expensive ride — ya gotta check out the gallery.