Chris Brown Explodes — NEW VIDEO of Valet Incident … MORE VIOLENT THREATS

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our sources has obtained NEW VIDEO of the Chris Brown valet incident … in which it”s clear — BROWN THREATENED THE VALET. 

The new footage shows Chris cussing at the valet in front of PINZ bowling alley in Studio City, CA — where Brown had just attended a charity event for inner city youth.

The valet had asked for the $10 fee before handing Brown the keys — but Chris refused to pay because he was only at the event for a short time and didn”t feel it was fair.

Chris exploded in anger … getting right in the valet”s face and yelling, “Gimme my f*cking keys … f*ck ten dollars.”

Then comes the threat — “Gimme my keys … we gonna turn this whole spot up … I promise you.”

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That”s when someone from Brown”s camp appears to give the valet $10 … and Brown snatches his keys back and says, “Funky ass ten dollars.”