Chris Brown / Drake — Bloody Fight Video

New video has surfaced from the Chris Brown nightclub brawl … showing a bloodied bodyguard in a fistfight with another man inside W.i.P. nightclub.

Right when the video begins, a man who appears to be Chris Brown can be seen violently spinning out of a headlock in the upper right corner of the shot … and retreating to a back area inside the club.

A giant African American man … who appears to be a bodyguard … then emerges from Brown”s area with blood spattered all over his white wifebeater.

Soon after the bloodied man stumbles into the center of the club … he”s confronted by another large man … and someone throws a punch.

A crowd of onlookers begin to yell … and several men join the brawl … which quickly spills into another room.

It”s unclear if the reported bottle-throwing happened before or after this clip was shot.

As the crowd continues to yell, one person can be heard saying, “The police are coming … they”re coming.”