Chris Brown — Charge REDUCED To Misdemeanor Assault

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Chris Brown just got cut a big break … the assault charge has just been reduced from a FELONY to a MISDEMEANOR … and Chris pled not guilty.  Chris has just been released without bail. He”s also required to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

Chris had been ordered to take a drug test, but the judge just vacated that order.  It”s standard in such cases to order a drug test, but that has been cancelled. 

The bodyguard”s charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

our sources broke the story … Brown was arrested for felony assault early Sunday morning in Washington D.C. after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel and breaking his nose.

Brown allegedly got into an argument with a man, said “I”m not down with that gay s**t, I”m into boxing,” and then punched him in the nose.

Law enforcement sources tell our sources … the fight started when the man and his friend photobombed Chris, who was posing for a picture with two girls.

Sources close to Chris insist the fight wasn”t over a photo — they say the alleged victim tried to force his way onto Chris” tour bus, and Chris was merely trying to stop a trespass.

Brown has been in custody since the incident.