Chris Brown Attends Court Hearing with Rihanna

Chris Brown Attends Court Hearing with Rihanna

Looking somber in his suit, Chris Brown attended a probation violation hearing in court on Wednesday (February 6).

Though the District Attorney claims the “Don”t Judge Me” singer falsified evidence of his court-ordered community service, Chris”s attorney Mark Geragos blasted the allegations at a news conference after the hearing.

Zealously defending his client, Geragos said the D.A.”s motion was “sloppy” and a “travesty,” referring to its claims as “false and fraudulent.”
Painting the 23-year-old musician as the victim, the lawyer announced, “I have never had a client who has been tortured like Chris Brown has.”

Noting that he received email from police and firemen in Richmond who vouched for Chris”s completion of his community service, the legal eagle also stated that Rihanna was present in “complete support” at the hearing.

Today, the judge decided that he needed more time to review the evidence and ordered Mr. Brown to meet with his probation officer within 48 hours to talk about the situation. The next hearing is scheduled for April 5th.