Chloe Moretz"s Family Keeps Her Out of the Dating Pool

Chloe Moretz
In the soon-to-be-released independent film Hick, Chloe Moretz plays a teen who escapes from her abusive, alcoholic parents. But in real life, the actress”s family plays a much different role.

According to Moretz, 15, her family is the reason she”s not dating anyone.

“Because of my four older brothers, it just doesnt go down,” she says in the May issue of Seventeen. “I had a lot of friends and guys that I think are cute and stuff, but it doesnt really work out with the family and all. My familys a bit too big and a bit too abrasive.”

If she did have a boyfriend, however, there”s one activity that would likely be no competition.

“I probably play video games more than any guy does,” Moretz tells Seventeen. “I just got my phone back yesterday. My mom had it for like two days. I was supposed to read a book and I really wanted to play Call of Duty. Its not like I want to go read the hot story in Cosmo. … No, I get caught playing video games.”

But she”s not all tomboy: Moretz, who also costars with Johnny Depp in Tim Burton”s upcoming vampire flick Dark Shadows, said she developed quite a sisterly relationship with her Hick costar, Blake Lively.

“[Blake] wears the most amazing clothes every day of her life,” Moretz said. “I went into her closet one night when she was trying things on for an event, and she was getting dressed, and I was helping her choose what dress to wear. She had brought probably a hundred pairs of Louboutins, and she was like, “Try these on, try those on.” We basically had a little shoe party!”