Chloe Moretz Keeps Cool on the Set of "The Equalizer"

Chloe Moretz Keeps Cool on the Set of

Trying to beat the heat with an iced tea, Chloe Moretz filmed “The Equalizer” in Chelsea, Massachusetts on Monday (July 15).

The “Dark Shadows” star looked cute in an American flag-patterned tank top, denim cutoffs, and brown uggs as she took a break between scenes.

In the thriller based on an old television show, a veteran covert operative trying to atone for his past puts a classified advertisement in the paper that reads simply: “Got a problem Odds against you Call the Equalizer.”

Last week, MGM announced that the 16-year-old actress will star in the upcoming film “If I Stay,” about a teenager in a coma who faces a difficult decision during an out-of-body-experience in the hospital.