Chloe Moretz Goes Goth in Dazed & Confused Dark Arts Issue

Chloe Moretz Goes Goth in Dazed & Confused Dark Arts Issue

She”s gearing up for the premiere of her bone-chilling horror flick “Carrie” and during promotions, Chloe Moretz scored the cover spot of Dazed & Confused magazine”s Dark Arts Issue.

Ditching her good girl image to replace it with goth-style ensembles for the Glen Luchford-shot spread, the 16-year-old actress chatted about her upcoming film and revealed what it took to become the telekinetic outcast, Carrie.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Moretz”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Dazed & Confused!

On channeling her inner Carrie:
“Everyone has something inside them that, if they want to bring it up every day, they could cry about it, they could be sad and live their life in just complete terror of your own feelings. And that was really what I had to bring up was all my vulnerabilities. All my vulnerabilities that I, even at fifteen, had learned to deal with and to put away and go, ok this is how you”re human and this is how you live everyday without crying and stuff.”

On the iconic prom night scene:
“It kind of felt like when you were about to drop off of one of those droppy rides, which is always scary because you know something is going to happen. And I”m like, this is so crazy right now. And [I grabbed] Ansel Elgort”s hand.. that wasn”t supposed to happen. We grabbed each other”s hands because we were both so scared.”

On her favorite actress” style:
“I really love Winona Ryder – her look in the time right after “Mermaids” and “Heathers,” that first year of Johnny Depp and her. They were the best couple ever – they”re like Romeo and Juliet!”