Chloe, Jared & Rumer: Lorde Concert Fun!

Chloe, Jared & Rumer: Lorde Concert Fun!

Stepping out for an evening of musical bliss, Chloe Moretz, Jared Leto, and Rumer Willis all showed up at the Lorde show in Los Angeles lasts night (August 8).

Miss Moretz looked a bit tuckered out as she exited the Echoplex after spending the past couple of weeks promoting her forthcoming flick Kick-Ass 2.

Meanwhile, both Leto and Willis were stylish as they strolled back to their ride after enjoying the performance from the fabulous new singer from Auckland, New Zealand.

In a recent interview, Lorde discussed her desire to give popular music a whole new vibe- “For so long, pop music has been this super-shameful thing, where people don”t want to be associated with it, they want to be on Pitchfork. But, the way I see it, pop music doesn”t have to be stupid, and alternative music doesn”t have to be boring; you can mesh the two together and make something cool.

“People who listen to Top 40 radio aren”t as stupid as “Aw yeah, Shawty in the club,” you know People have a brain, and I think you can combine saying something clever with saying something in a highly-accessible way.”