Chloe Grace Moretz — ‘Hugo’s’ Poor Box Office Showing Cost Her Money!

If you didn”t go see “Hugo” in the theaters this holiday season, congratulations … you took money right out of the pocket of the adorable Chloë Grace Moretz … at least according to the details of her contract.

According to Chloë”s minors contract for the movie “Hugo,” her deal for the flick was filled with all sorts of different incentives. In addition to getting paid a $225,000 base salary, she would have gotten $25,000 if she had been nominated for a Golden Globe or Oscar (she was not) and $25k and $50k respectively had she won. 

In addition, Chloë”s contract calls for her to get a $25,000 bonus if the movie makes between $150 and $225 million domestically … and $50,000 if it tops $250 million.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has only made $61 mil so far.

With five movies listed as either in, pre, or post-production … Chloë should be just fine.