Chloand#235; Sevigny Naked in Bed

Chloë Sevigny
For those who”ve wondered what Chloë Sevigny is like between the sheets, take a look.

On the latest cover of New York, the actress strips down and cuddles up in her bed.

Sevigny, 37, gave the magazine a tour of her New York apartment, including her bedroom, where she pays homage to her childhood in an unconventional way.

“I like crosses,” she says (she has several on the walls of her digs). “I was raised Catholic … I have an affinity.” Counterbalancing the crosses in her bedroom: a neon pentagram by New York artist Hanna Liden.

In another shout-out to her childhood, the former Big Love star plaster-painted over some of the exposed brick inside her apartment using a nostalgic color scheme: pale pink, blue and yellow.

“I wanted this to be more glamorous,” she says of her decorating choices.

And although Sevigny is on the market for a high-rise – “I”m looking,” she says – she remembers her initial attraction to her co-op. “I walked in and felt transported, like I wasn”t in Manhattan anymore,” she says. “It just felt womb-like.”