Children Services to Brooke Mueller — You’ll Get Your Kids Back … If You Bust Your Ass

Exclusive 0718-brooke-mueller-tmzBrooke Mueller will slowly get custody of her twins back over the next year, sources tell our sources — but that”s ONLY if she successfully proves she”s clean and sober for good … a big, big if.

Sources connected to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services tell us — officials have agreed to return custody of Brooke and Charlie Sheen”s 4-year-old twins Bob and Max little by little over the next 6-12 months, starting with monitored visitation, but only after several conditions have been met.

The first condition is that Brooke — who is currently enrolled in a live-in rehab facility — will continue to attend AA and NA following her expected release next month. Other conditions include obeying all of her doctor”s orders, and making consistent improvement.

We”re told DCFS officials will monitor Brooke closely over the next 6 months to determine she”s 100% on the path to sobriety … and only then will they consider introducing visitation.

If Brooke continues to show improvement, we”re told DCFS will gradually increase her parenting time until she has demonstrated she”s fit for custody … which could take a year or longer.

As we reported, Brooke lost custody of the twins in May after officials determined she could no longer provide a safe environment for the children. Brooke enrolled in rehab shortly after. The kids are currently with Charlie”s ex Denise Richards.