Chicago Bears’ Brandon Marshall — Screw Training Camp … I Love Wine & Pilates!!

Exclusive 071613_brandon_marshall_launch
NFL star Brandon Marshall is about to blow your mind — “cause it”s not every day you meet a wine, yoga and Pilates lovin” football star!

We caught up with the Chicago Bears” wide receiver at the Playboy Mansion — probably not the best time to remind him training camp starts in 9 days, but we did … and his response was awesomely honest.

“It sucks. Right now … you got stuff like Espys and Playboy parties. Now you gotta go to camp, you gotta go to a dormitory for a month”

Brandon also revealed he and Jennifer Aniston have more in common than we would have ever thought — you gotta see him light up talking about his love of Pilates, yoga … and fine wine.

Brandon Marshall. NFL Renaissance man.