Cheryl Cole??s Silly Selfie

Cheryl Cole??s Silly Selfie

She has always been great about keeping up with her fans, and Cheryl Cole shared a funny photo via Instagram last night (July 31).

The Girls Aloud alum took to her social networking account with the hilarious image, giving her followers a peek at her nutty life behind the scenes.

Along with the pic, Cole included the caption, “this is what children do to you. Make you look/ act and feel like a crazy person!”

And while Cheryl has no doubt enjoyed looking after her nieces and nephews, she has remained silent regarding her former boss Simon Cowells baby news.

Last month, Cole gushed about Prince William and Kate Middletons newborn Prince George- “Congratulations to William and Kate!! So happy they have a healthy baby and everyone is good. Can”t wait to see him now. And that little boy has no idea what his existence already means to so many people. The irony of it is I am so excited to see him but also wish them their privacy and no pressure at this special time. She looks amazing! Glowing! And breathe … “