Cheryl Burke"s Hot New Hockey Star Beau: What to Know

Cheryl Burke and Joffrey Lupul
Cheryl Burke and pro athlete Joffrey Lupul seemingly hit it off the moment they first saw each other.

The Canada-bred Montreal Maple Leafs player, 28, met Burke, also 28, in June when she hosted the 2012 NHL Awards in Las Vegas. The pair stepped out as a couple just a few weeks later at an event on Wednesday.

But Lupul is more than just another handsome face. Here are five things to know about the man who is currently sweeping the Dancing with the Stars regular off her feet.

1. What he looks for in a woman
“I like a sense of humor,” he told Toronto Sports Network. “But she has to be a genuine person – someone you can talk to and enjoy being around.”

2. He can strum a guitar
“I just kind of wanted a hobby,” he said while playing the instrument during a videotaped interview with in 2009. “You have a lot of spare time once you get home from practice. I”ve never really taken lessons or anything, so I”m not that good. It just takes a while. It”s frustrating. For about a year, I hated it, and once I started getting a little better, I thought, “Okay, this is all right.” ”

3. He is ready to rock!
Musically inclined, Lupul showed off some of his most prized possessions to Toronto Sports Network, including framed and autographed concert photos of Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire and My Morning Jacket. “I think everyone is attracted to a rock star”s lifestyle a little bit,” he said. “I”ve read old books and seen documentaries. Everyone has some attraction to that way of life. It”s like watching a time bomb sometimes. It makes for a great story.”

4. He occasionally pulls the fame card to get perks
“I”ll be honest, I”ve snuck [in a namedrop] a couple of times,” Lupul admitted. “Maybe like if a place is super lined up – I hate doing this, but if a place is super lined up, I”ll be like, “Hey, bro, I play for the Leafs. Any chance I can slide in there” And usually it works. But still, it”s a little embarrassing to do, too.”

5. He hosts an annual golf tournament for charity
On Aug. 30 at the Blackhawk Golf Club in Alberta, Lupul is using athletics to raise money for organizations, including Change for Children. Switching sports for a day, the hockey star”s event is called the 6th Annual Joffrey Lupul and Friends Charity Golf Classic.