Cheryl Burke"s Holiday Stay-Fit Tips

Cheryl Burke
Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke made it all the way to the finals last month, but she won”t be celebrating with an extra serving of her favorite stuffing over the holidays.

“Now that the show has wrapped, I have to be careful not to indulge,” Burke, 27, told us at a NYC event for Macy”s activewear line Ideology. “It”s important for me to keep my cardio up, especially for my body type, or I”ll gain weight so fast.”

The two-time Mirrorball trophy winner, who serves as Ideology”s brand ambassador, acknowledged that there are many obstacles to staying in shape during the holiday season. But she does have one piece of advice.

“It”s all about doing something fun, whether it”s an outdoor activity or yoga,” says Burke. “For me, Jazzercize works amazing. If you don”t have time, just run on a treadmill. It makes you want to eat better.”

“If I go a week without working out, it makes me feel that I might as well keep indulging,” she says. “If you really care about your body, then your mind starts to work better. So it”s important that it all stays balanced.”

Burke adds that she”ll keep busy during the show”s off season with endorsement deals, but that doesn”t mean she”s not thinking ahead to potential partners for next season.

Her dream pick Says Burke: “I think anyone with lots of charisma, like Antonio Banderas, would be great.”