Cher Lloyd Will Appear on "Big Time Rush"

Cher Lloyd Will Appear on

Making a big career move to expand her audience, Cher Lloyd will turn from singing to acting, appearing on the show, “Big Time Rush.”

Though her first foray won”t be much of a stretch as the “Swagger Jagger” singer will play herself on Thursday”s episode (May 9).

Having risen to stardom on “X Factor” UK, the 19-year-old songstress tells MTV News, “I”m very nervous to see it, actually. I haven”t seen it and this is the first thing I”ve ever really done within acting. You know because I”m a singer I can kind of be let off a little bit if it”s rubbish. I had such a great time there. And it was kind of crazy because you see the other actors and actresses and they”re so young and yet they”ve been doing it for such a long time. They”re so experienced. And then someone like me who gets to be onstage all the time, it was quite difficult.”

In the episode, Cher is rumored to be recording with Big Time Rush member James. Speaking about the group, Ms. Lloyd gushed, “I was very impressed and kind of blown away by the fact that they were so good.”