Check Out 2013's Creepiest Celebrities

Check Out 2013's Creepiest Celebrities

Halloween is about a week away and if you”re looking for a scary costume, a new survey may give you some inspiration.

A nationwide survey lists 2013″s Creepiest Celebrities with some no-brainers and a few surprises on the ranking taken from 1,100 participants.

Surpassing the others, though he”s been out of the public eye lately is Marilyn Manson, with Paul Reubens, Dennis Rodman, Howard Stern, and Andy Dick filling out the top five.

His bizarre behavior still on the minds of viewers, Charlie Sheen comes in at number 6 with “Honey Boo Boo” star Mama June at 7.

Finishing the top ten are Steve Buscemi, Woody Allen, and Criss Angel. However, just missing a top spot was Miley Cyrus, who comes in at number 11. Her eccentric colleague Lady Gaga only made it to number 13.