Charlize Theron: Camera Shy at Osteria Mozza

Charlize Theron: Camera Shy at Osteria Mozza

She tends to prefer privacy over high-profile living, and last night (February 26) Charlize Theron got a little cranky with some shutterbugs while dining out in Hollywood.

The Monster actress exited Osteria Mozza to find a few paparazzi waiting for her and immediately tried to shield herself behind a friend and a black leather handbag as she scurried off to her car.

Meanwhile, Charlize has partnered with Toms Shoes for a new initiative with her Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project.

Theron explained, “We have very similar philosophies and I think, you know, I think our passion lies with youth and I think when we got together that we saw great opportunity to enhance each other”s dreams of change in a way that might not have been able to happen if we didn”t partner.”

Referring to Toms founder Blake Mycoskie, Charlize added,”I”m not ever going to get married, but this is the closest I”m going to get to a marriage that actually works.”