Charlie Sheen’s Realtor Sued By Brooke Mueller’s Mom

Charlie Sheen
“s real estate agent is being sued by Brooke Mueller“s mom, who claims the realtor screwed her out of a commission for a mega-mansion Charlie purchased last year.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by , Moira Fiore claims she was tapped to help Charlie find a new house, but there was a big problem — she”s only licensed to sell real estate in Florida and Charlie wanted a new crib in L.A.

So Moira says she engaged the services of uber-realtor Marty Trugman, who has repped a slew of celebs in Hollywood.

Moira says Marty promised to give her 25% of his commission as a referral fee.  Charlie used Marty and bought a $6,999,999 house, but Marty never paid her a cent.

We spoke with Marty, who laughed and said, “I never promised her a referral fee.  She didn”t introduce me to Charlie.  Brooke did.”

Sources close to Charlie tell us he”s pissed that — unbeknownst to him — Moira was “skimming the deal.”  Charlie is saying if Moira gets any money from Marty, it should go to him or his kids.