Charlie Sheen — Shots at ‘Men’ in ‘Anger Management’ Debut

0629_sheen_angerCharlie Sheen wasted no time attacking his former show during the premiere of “Anger Management” last night … taking some not-so-veiled shots at “Two and a Half Men” during the opening scene.

The very first scene of “Management” opens on a tight shot of Charlie (playing a character named Charlie) while he”s on an angry rant … saying, “YOU CAN”T FIRE ME, I QUIT!! You want to replace me with some other guy Go ahead! It won”t be the same!” 

He adds, “You think I”m losing! I”m not! I”m … anyway, you get the idea.”

When the camera pulls out, it reveals Charlie is only taking out his anger on an inflatable punching bag named BoBo … while teaching his group therapy class about an anger management technique.

Not very subtle …

Fun Fact — the show debuted last night on FX …. right after an episode of “Men.”