Charlie Sheen — Planning to Sue Over Bogus Hotel Story

Charlie Sheen“s tiger blood is boiling over bogus reports he trashed his hotel room during a drug-fueled meltdown in NYC … and now our sources has learned he”s intending to sue over the story. 

Sources close to Charlie tell us … Sheen believes someone should pay for spreading such terrible lies about him … and he”s already rounding up his legal team to figure out his plan of attack.

Sheen appeared on “our sources Live” Wednesday … and said he had been spending so much time promoting his new show “Anger Management” … he had no time to rage with drugs, booze and hookers … even if he was so inclined.

He was also adamant … a second story from the same mag claiming he “flipped out” on his daughters and bailed on the premiere for Denise Richards” new movie is also bogus to the core. 

We”re told Charlie believes a defamation lawsuit could flush out the “source” who”s spreading lies about him.

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