Charlie Sheen — ‘Pig Circus’ Will Fail … Judge’s Robe Will Burn

Exclusive 1108_charlie_sheen_brooke_muller_getty_2
Charlie Sheen
is going nuts over the judge”s decision to give Brooke Mueller“s brother Scott guardianship of their twins and then allowing her brother and the kids to live at her house — a house Charlie owns.

What Charlie is telling friends is choice, so it just can”t be paraphrased.  Here it goes …

— “This pig circus overflowing with buffoons, sycophants and heretics cannot be trusted to safely raise a colony of ferrets.”

—  “Brooke will fail and her brother [who lives by the beach] will be selling his ass under a pier and the evil nanny will die from ugly.”

—  “When, not if, this psychotic and desperately irresponsible sham goes sideways, DCFS will burn to the ground, topped off with the smoldering robe of the judge.”

To add insult to injury, Brooke is living in the same gated community as Charlie.  As we first reported, the judge”s decision effectively gives Brooke immediate full custody of the troubled twins, with a babysitter brother.