Charlie Sheen — I’m HONORED Kathy Bates Is Playing My Ghost

If casting Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper”s ghost on “Two and a Half Men” was supposed to be an insult, it failed miserably — because Charlie Sheen is telling friends … he”s “honored” Bates will be playing his old character.

In case you didn”t know — Charlie Harper is scheduled to make a cameo on “Men” on April 30th, and exec producer Chuck Lorre thought it would be funny to cast Kathy Bates instead of Charlie Sheen.

But the jab backfired … because sources close to Charlie tell our sources, the Warlock LOVES Kathy. We”re told Charlie thinks she”s an incredibly funny, talented actress — and is “honored” the two now share a connection.

According to sources, Charlie can”t wait to see Kathy”s portrayal — and will definitely be watching the upcoming episode.